Unblocking Your Mind: Make More Money Doing Hair or Makeup For Weddings With These Shifts

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It’s hard to think about business without thinking about money. While money is important, it shouldn’t always be your focus – building a healthy, sustainable business should be. But sometimes we want to invest in ourselves and look at how we can make more money. One simple way to do this is by mindset shifts. 

You might be asking yourself, well what is a mindset shift? There are so many things we tell ourselves everyday – that imposter syndrome – the excuses we make for what we can and cannot do, what we can and cannot charge, or what people will or will not pay. These are the types of things that are all in our minds – we don’t know what other people are thinking, what they’re willing to pay, or what they have in their bank account.  We don’t know how highly they value their hair and makeup. 

While you can make changes, like physically raising your rates, to make more money, what you really need to change is your mindset. 

The first thing you need to do in order to shift your mindset is to stop living in fear of bad reviews. 

The truth is we don’t like criticism, which leads us to make business decisions based on the potential for bad reviews. This can affect your processes, your prices and skew your internal message and self-worth. It’s not healthy, and you need to shift your mindset about what you think your value is and build your confidence. It could something as simple as daily affirmations to help grow your self-confidence, or even speaking with a mental health professional or business mentor to help you get through second guessing yourself when it comes to business decisions. 

Stop thinking products fix problems 

You need to get rid of the idea that products fix problems. Product knowledge through education or experience is what will fix problems. Just using a product doesn’t bridge the gap to a consistent outcome, you need to get the education and obtain the experience to provide that outcome every time. Stop throwing money at products and invest in education, which will make you more money in the long run while making you a better and more confident artist. 

Episode 39 – Mindset Shifts for More Money 

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Stop treating your business as a hobby or side hustle 

If you view your business as a hobby or side hustle, that’s how others will view it too. If you treat your business like a real business, people will respect what you do instead of viewing you as a hobby hairstylist or hobby makeup artist.  That means that your actions and the choices you make in your business need to reflect that belief whether it’s by investing in yourself, having the proper tools in place, using the right products and having the right education. By following the mindset of – yes – this is a real business, you are going to set yourself up for success. 

You don’t need to over give to be valuable 

The next mindset shift you need to focus on is that you don’t need to over give to be valuable or worth your rates. You are providing a service and solving a problem. If your service solves their problem – you are worth your rates. You don’t need to give them extra things in order to justify that. If your solution gives them what they’ve paid for, you have fulfilled your end of the deal. You don’t need to give things away to justify your worth – you just need to be able to articulate how you can solve the problem better than anyone else.  For example, as a hairstylist they are hiring you because they need someone to do their hair so, how do you solve their problem better than the hairstylist down the street? It’s not because you give them all these other non-hairstylist related things. As a bridal hairstylist, there are certain actions that are already expected of you, and part of that is articulating how you solve their problem, and how you do it better than that hairstylist down the street. 

Stop overbooking 

You might be thinking how does not overbooking make me more money, booking a lot of things is what makes me money? You perform at your best when you take time to recharge. Exhaustion and burnout lead to a poor client experience. You don’t get the same quality of tips or reviews. It might even be difficult to get them to send photos, to share and tag your business on social media, which in turns cuts down on referral business.  Your low energy can lead to you having a negative attitude and a negative internal monologue. Before you know it, that will impact everyone around you including your business and personal relationships. You need to take strategic time off on a consistent basis so that every time you are interacting with a client you are giving it 100%.

Stop trying to do everything yourself 

The last mindset shift you can make to help your business make more money, is to stop trying to do everything yourself. Paying other people to do things for you actually makes you more money. It costs a little bit but, in the long run it helps you be more successful. You pay for an advertisement because it’s going to bring you more money. You are either paying for things with money, or paying for things with time so regardless, you are consistently making investments. If you shift your mindset to view your business this way, you can choose strategically where spending money will make you more money. That could be by hiring assistants to help you with large bridal parties, or maybe hiring a tax professional to do your taxes for you. By shifting some of the work off your plate, you can invest more of your time in growing your business and participating in those services that make your business money. 

By using these simple mindset shifts, they can inspire you to make better business decisions and help you grow your business to make more money. 

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