Weekly Live June 4, 2024- Hair Kit Products

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Products and shopping links from today's Instagram Live.  You can watch it here!

Some of these product links are from Ulta and some are from Amazon.  Please, if you are a licensed pro try to purchase from a wholesale retailer like Cosmoprof or Salon Centric, etc first.  For non-licensed pros-  these public links are for you.

Kenra 25 Hairspray-


Osis Tame Wild-  Please note:  this item has been discontinued.  If you can find it available anywhere, BUY IT.  Nothing else compares so far, although myself and others are product testing as we can to find a replacement.


Osis Soft Dust-


Kenra Texture Taffy-


Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray-


Alterna Texture Spray-


Osis Medium Working Spray-  Again, these images are the new packaging which was just changed in early 2024.  My kit still has bottles from Cosmoprof before the new packaging.


Kenra Hot Spray-


Continuous Spray Bottle from SHEIN-


Aquage Uplifting Foam-  Please note: this image shows the new packaging.  My product is in the old packaging b/c I still have some I am using up.

Velcro Roller Set from SHEIN-


This article may contain affiliate links.  Please consider shopping through these links, as this helps to support this free educational resource.  Thank you.