The Key To Upgrading Your Client Experience To See More Referrals From Brides

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When you think about upgrading the experience for your dream bride, a lot of people immediately jump to giving away things. Physically giving away things is going to be the wrong approach to value building for your business, and it’s not a way to justify your pricing. In the long run, it’s going to cost you more money. So how can you upgrade your bride’s experience without breaking the bank?

What is your unique selling proposition?

What services do you do already that sets you apart from your competition? This is what already builds the value in your business now and it will be your biggest asset in defining your bride’s experience of working with you. For example, do you provide timelines and coordination? If this is something you already do, maybe it’s time to create that beautifully branded PDF and put some other information in there. What type of preparation do you require before the wedding? Be specific. This could be a separate document sent to them later. By having your company provide this information throughout the booking process in the months before the wedding, you are continually building that value. In turn, your brides feel supported throughout the planning process which gives them an elevated experience. 

Give them convenient booking options 

Your dream bride isn’t paying you because they think they’ll get a free gift. They are paying you for your time and expertise so they can relax and focus on other things. They are buying the time that you are saving them, and that means that your booking process should have that idea of convenience in mind. How much time do you or they have to waste on going back and forth and trying to schedule things via email? Scheduling a time that works for both of you, while not impacting your time, can really streamline your booking process.  This is where platforms like Vegaro, Gloss Genius or others can really be effective. While they have a small overhead cost, if you think with the mindset that time is money, they will pay for themselves in the long run. You’re giving your bride the option to be able to look at a schedule and pick a time that is convenient for both of you.

Information is key 

Once you’ve provided your bride with the timeline ahead of her wedding, now is your time to shine if you offer additional services, and no, they don’t need to be free. Do you offer lash extensions? Spray tans? Facials? Haircuts? If any of these add-on services are in your wheelhouse, it pays to have a guide and information about the extra services you offer. Why? It saves your bride time from having to find other vendors to complete these services while putting more cash in your pocket. By thinking ahead and sharing this information, not only are you making their life easier but, you’re showing yourself as an engaged vendor. This will allow you to build a deeper relationship with your client which in turn will upgrade their experience with you. 

The other piece of information you can share with your brides are inspiration ideas using platforms like guides on Instagram. You can share makeup looks for different skin types, different styles of hair in updos, half updos, the possibilities are endless. This helps you grow your following on social media, while again, providing an extra piece of value for your bride. This will also help you to be better prepared for the wedding day and make the process smoother for you and the bride. 

Episode 35 – Upgrading Your Bride’s Experience 

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Offer Upgrades 

One physical thing you can do is to offer upgrades. You can offer an option to add on additional services (for a fee) For example, you could offer facemasks for the bridal party – they could be pre-purchased at x dollars per facemask and provided the day of. This can be an additional revenue stream for you, while building value as something your bride can offer her bridesmaids. 

You could also offer different price levels for the items you include – like lashes. Having tiered options can upsell your services while providing value in giving your brides options.  These options allow you to serve your brides’ needs better and that is value. 

Think beyond the wedding day 

Besides the wedding day experience, consider thinking about upgrading their experience for the trials. If you use a studio for your trials, one option would be to include something like a beverage or a snack and that can go a long way. It’s not so much that you provided a snack or a drink but, what your showcasing is that you are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their experience working with you is valuable and beneficial to them. 

Another thing you can offer them at their trial is to take pictures for them. This alleviates them having to take a selfie which might be unflattering or show their look in the wrong light. When you take the time to take the photos, control the light, and control the angle and take high quality photos, you are setting the expectation and level of expertise in their minds of what you can create for them. 

If you are going to give something away, think practical 

With so many things online now, brochures and business cards are a thing of the past. While many businesses spend money on branded items, if you choose to do that, approach it from a practical mindset. What will serve a purpose for them long term? Is it a pen? Is it an umbrella? What is going to have the longest “shelf life” to advertise your business?

Remember, there are so many ways you can upgrade your bride’s experience without having to give away gifts. 

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