The Reality Of Advertising On TheKnot Or WeddingWire As A Bridal Beauty Pro

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Maybe you’ve heard of The Knot or Wedding Wire but, what you may not know is they are now one company. As a bridal hair and makeup artist, you may be wondering if investing with these companies is worth it for you. 

My answer 99 percent of the time is going to be – no. However, there are some factors that may make a difference to you. 

How big is your business?

How many weddings are you looking to book and how many weddings do you already have booked through other markets? What do you need from your listing in The Knot or Wedding Wire to fill that void, so you are at max capacity? 

The issue with using these platforms is that they make it incredibly easy for brides to spam vendors. They don’t have to go to your website, read your FAQS, or look at your pricing and services. They are not going to be well-informed customers and take the time to research that you are the best fit for them, which in turn means you will spend more time and energy to convert them into a sale. 

Are you well-established?

For some businesses that are long-term, high-volume and have been listed on The Knot for years, they are going to have a lot of reviews. If you are a smaller volume, newer business that does not, how do you stand out against a company that has 300 reviews to your 20 – even if your work is leagues above theirs in quality. It’s a numbers game – and one that you can’t win unless you’re willing to spend a massive amount of money. Is it worth it to try and compete and how much would it cost?

Episode 42: Should you invest in The Knot or Wedding Wire?

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Is there value in the listing?

Do you have large team of people who can facilitate the listings or are you more of a one-on-one independent artist who focuses on a higher quality luxury clientele? If you’re the latter, the value of the listing may not be worth it for you. Despite the monthly cost of having a listing itself, the business practices of the company should be taken into account – what are they charging per month, does the price keep increasing, what is the sales team like to work with? If you find them lacking in those areas, it may not be an investment for you. 

The other piece of value to consider is their reputation. Do you vet the vendors before allowing them to list or do they accept anyone as long as they pay? Is it a mark of prestige to be included and is it going to attract the type of bride you are looking for?

Whether you decide to invest in The Knot or Wedding Wire, don’t just take what others think into consideration. Make sure you ask yourself the important questions, do your research into the company, and really ask yourself – is this right for my business?

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