My favorite spray tanning supplies from Amazon

spray tanning

Fuji Spray Tan System-  SoloTAN HVLP Spray Tan System with TAN7350 Applicator. This is the same system that I used in my own spray tanning business for years and loved it.  It's portable and fairly quiet and can handle a full bridal party without overheating.  The spray tan gun is adjustable for horizontal or vertical spray style.

Spray Tan Tent with Extraction Fan


Sticky Feet-

Thong Underwear-

Nipple Covers-  These are especially important for nursing mothers.  Make sure they are advised to wait until they have completely showered the solution off before nursing!

Nose Filters-

Hair Net-


Drying Powder Supplies:

Arrowroot Powder-

Mica Powder Cosmetic Grade-

Fragrance Drops-

Finishing Powder Brush-

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