What Is The Future Of Instagram Marketing For Bridal Hairstylists And Makeup Artists?

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I've been hearing a lot of people saying Instagram is dead. They say: it's not what it used to be, or you can't get the same number of likes or the same number of views, or the Instagram algorithm keeps changing so much… I think honestly these are a lot of excuses to say this is too hard, and I don't understand it. I think these statements are more about not being willing to invest the time into learning how to overcome what is perceived as these new challenges. I’ve been talking recently about how a lot of the challenges that people have in their business aren't specifically related to the thing that they think is what's holding them back. And it's really a mindset shift that they need to make surrounding a specific topic to help them overcome it. You have to approach the problem differently in order to find a solution. Instagram is definitely one of those things where I think for most people their problem isn't really Instagram, it's their mindset.

So, if you are one of those people saying, “Instagram is dead,” I think your biggest thing is that you need to shift your mindset. Because Instagram is not dead; Instagram is still an incredibly powerful tool when done right. But sometimes this means doing things differently. I launched a course in January of 2022 called Visibility Factor, and it was all targeted specifically to using Instagram to grow your bridal hair and makeup business. So this wasn't like a general Instagram course. It wasn't for reels and how to go viral and do all these things or whatever. It was specifically how to use the different pieces inside of Instagram to be more strategic and get better quality results. It was about how to grow your Instagram visibility and use that to get more bookings. A little bit more on the strategy side of things, because Instagram has shifted and changed, so that's why I think a lot of people are coming up with the whole cop-out of “Instagram is dead.” No, it's just shifted and it's changed. It has simply been shifting and changing every few weeks or every few months for the last couple of years. The people who are able to roll with the punches and roll with these changes and ask “how can I approach this change?” are still effectively using Instagram.

Some questions you may need to ask yourself include: How am I using the app and do I need to shift my perspective on my results? Do I need to start looking at different metrics and using those to measure my success at the end of the day? You might see that the changes you make in your Instagram strategy are leading to more bookings and more visibility. This means more inquiries and more money. You really don't need to worry about how many likes you get or how many views you get on your reels. Now, reels is a good way to get information to your clients in a fun and entertaining way, and it is something that the algorithm is prioritizing a little bit more, but it’s not the only thing that the algorithm is prioritizing anymore. So if you're one of the people who is feeling so stressed out by reels, I'm here to tell you in our industry we don't need to worry so much about reels. Don't focus so much on them. Are they a powerful feature? Yes. Absolutely. 100%. When done correctly and when used strategically they can be incredible for helping grow your business. However, most people are not using them strategically.

Episode 47: Is Instagram Dead?

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 Release that stress and that pressure on yourself, because there's so many ways to still continue to grow through Instagram. I'll use myself as an example. I only posted two reels during the month of November, and I had one of my biggest gross in follower count during that month. Generally, I'm not focusing so much on the vanity metrics, because there are other things that matter for a service-based business. I'm not getting paid to be an Instagram creator, I'm getting paid by clients who find out about me. They realize who I am and how I can help them, and they recognize me as an authority on helping them grow their bridal beauty business. It's a long game. And I have that customer journey really mapped out and dialed in and my marketing supports every step of that buyer's journey. With weddings it's slightly different, because you're not necessarily going to be selling to your entire audience at all times. But there's still a whole client journey that you can map out through Instagram if you understand the marketing strategies and how to map out your content for different goals.

There is a trend that I've noticed where some people kind of got briefly insta-famous, I guess you can say, by making reels that mocked clients or kind of shit-talked clients. And other artists were like yeah that's really funny, those fucking mother of the brides, or those bridesmaids with the dirty hair, or the whatever. You know, it was super relatable content, but ultimately it’s about the way you do it. It is the tone in which it's presented, and some people have gotten very mocking in their presentation of this information. Then there are people who have taken that concept of “let's talk about the things that bridal party members do wrong that impedes our success as a bridal artist or impedes their ability to have a relaxing wedding morning” and they use it as an opportunity to educate their audience in a really great way. So, I think that we need as an industry to kind of take a step back and think about it from a client perspective. Okay, how would that person feel? Would they feel like shit watching your reel and think, “oh my God, she hates people like me?” Or would they look at that and be like, “oh I didn't realize that, I'm so glad it's been brought to my attention in a way that doesn't make me feel like shit.” Keep in mind who is the audience that you are trying to speak to when you're creating this content. Are you making this content for other artists, or are you making the content to support your business. It might be something where you're feeling like Instagram isn't working for me. I'm getting all of these views, and I'm getting all of these shares, but I'm not getting any more bookings. Well, take a look at your tone, and take a look at who you're talking to. Are you talking to your brides and trying to build value? Or are you trying to make other hairstylists laugh?

So, the biggest part of this is shifting your mindset. It’s not about views or likes or shares. It's about building your value. It's educating your clients on who you are, what you provide of value, and how you do it better than everybody else. How you do it better in a way that's visually appealing, because Instagram is a highly visual platform. And it's amazing because we work in an industry that's highly visual. We're literally fucking artists. But it still needs to get seen by the right people, and that is when it gets successful. That's when you can use Instagram to actually grow your business. So, strategy is more important than ever with Instagram. It's not just about putting out content. It's not just about getting seen. It is getting the right message seen by the right people. So, Instagram is dead for the people who don't want to bother with any of that, for the people who literally just want to put pictures or videos out there and hope the right people find them. Who don't even know who the right people are for their business. Yes, for those people Instagram is dead. You're beating a dead horse, babe. You're wasting your time. But for the people who want to have the most successful business and fill their calendar, it’s time to shift your mindset, approach Instagram a little bit differently, and utilize this incredibly helpful tool to support your business.


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