How To Book Destination Weddings As A Bridal Makeup Artist

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If you’ve been a bridal hair or makeup artist for a while, you may be wondering how you approach becoming a destination wedding artist. Maybe you’re looking to add some travel in or have no idea how to get started. With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to booking international weddings. 

Episode 60 – How to Become a Destination Make-up Artist 

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Plan Ahead 

You can’t just become a bridal hair or makeup artist and expect to work internationally. You need to plan and be strategic. When you’re out meeting people, whether it be on vacation, or at other events, networking and keeping in touch whether it’s through social media or other platforms is essential. By fostering those relationships, you never know who could end up as a client and where they will be having their wedding. 

Update Your Social Media Profiles 

Edit your social media bios. Adding in the simple phrase “Available for Destination Weddings” and including your home base on your profiles is the easiest way you can let your brides know you are available and willing to travel for their weddings.  You can take it a step further and include hashtags on your posts for things like #destinationmakeupartist or #internationalmakeup artist to build more exposure that way and by following other destination vendors and interacting with them. 

Plan Out Your Pricing 

When you first start out doing destination weddings, it may be hard to gauge or figure out what the pricing should be. You first need to find a number you’re comfortable with, and work from that. When you think of a destination wedding, there are more factors than just the cost of your services. There is the cost of airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the airport, meals while you are there, and more. You need to take all these costs into account before you quote your pricing. 

Be Prepared to Pack Your Kit for Flights 

When you get ready to do a destination wedding, you need to have your kit packed for your flight. Kellsie Bain, a destination makeup artist who splits her time between Sydney and Vancouver, suggested “I’ve really condensed my kit down to just the products that I love and that I reach for most. I separate all my cream products and my powders. I put the cream products in my suitcase and carry my brushes and powders with me. I’ve had powders get smashed in suitcases, and my brushes get squashed, so I prefer to carry those with me.” 

Lay out your schedule before hand 

With a destination wedding, make sure you have the schedule and expectations beforehand. Will you be doing just makeup for the wedding, or other events during the week?  How many days will you be spending on location? It’s important for you to factor in time for jet lag, time zone differences, and things like flight delays. If you are going to be doing bridal hair or makeup for more then one event that should be taken into account for your pricing as well. 

Anticipate cultural differences 

Before you plan your travel to a location you’ve never been to, you should thoroughly research the area, if possible. Being in a foreign place, it’s important to factor in things you may not know, like what is the safest way to travel? Will you have a language barrier with your bride or any of the bridal party? If you might, you should factor that into your schedule to ensure the wedding goes smoothly.  

The biggest thing to remember about starting to destination weddings is that you have to put yourself out there. You never know who may become a client, who may want a destination wedding, and that all starts with how you market your services. 

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