Setting Yourself Apart: Creating a Unique Selling Proposition as a Bridal Hairstylist

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If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because your efforts to attract ideal clients in the bridal industry are falling flat, then you are not alone! Many hairstylists and makeup artists struggle to stand out in a crowded market, relying on generic marketing tactics that fail to showcase their unique skills and offerings. Instead of attracting their ideal clients, they find themselves lost in a sea of competitors, missing out on lucrative opportunities.

If you're tired of blending in with the competition and struggling to attract your dream clients, this is your answer. I want to empower you to highlight your unique qualities and offerings, allowing you to attract the clients who truly align with your vision and goals. It's time to step up your game and create your own path in this industry!

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Episode 62: Mastering Your Bridal Business Messaging For Maximum Impact


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish your bridal hairstyling and makeup business with a unique USP.
  • Explore the psyche of your ideal bride, gaining insights into her deep-seated needs, wants, and fears.
  • Enjoy the benefits of tailored content aimed at easing the fears and fulfilling the desires of your dream bride.
  • Delve deeper into defining your dream bride's profile going beyond surface-level data.
  • Recognize the value of repeating core messages in your marketing strategy.


Understanding Unique Selling Proposition

Creating a unique selling proposition (USP) is more than just defining your signature style or price point. You need to dig deeper to figure out your true USP. It's about understanding what makes you different and how you can create a client experience that no other artists can replicate. In other words, what is unique about you that adds value to your clients' experience? Why should they choose you over someone else? 

Starting from here sets a solid foundation for your marketing strategy.  Understanding your USP clearly can take a business from ordinary to extraordinary, and can be the difference between standing out and blending in.

Steps to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

Identifying your USP involves a step-by-step analysis of your business goals, defining your dream clients, recognizing their needs and wants, and finally developing marketing strategies to attract them. 

It starts with understanding your business targets. Knowing these aids in identifying the type of clients who would support your work life balance and continue to fuel your passion in the wedding industry. When you accept clients that push your boundaries, ask for styles that aren't your aesthetic, or are more of a drain on your energy than they are worth, you'll quickly start to burnout.  If you want to attract the right clients for your unique business, you need to have a grasp for how your business supports you beyond money.  Mental health and a sustainable work-life balance are just as important!

The next step is creating a dream bride profile - not just demographics but the details that truly round out who your bride is on a deeper level so you can target her online.  Marketing is more than just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks!  Ever hear the phrase: "If you're trying to speak to everybody, you end up speaking to nobody"?  "Brides" plus your location is not a viable client profile!

Sound daunting?  No worries!  I break all of this down in Phase 1: Unique AF of Next Level Bridal Bridal Business, and now Unique AF is available as a standalone mini course to help you figure out your USP and Dream Bride Profile in less time than it takes to binge a season of Real Housewives.

Addressing Client Needs and Wants

Your dream clients have certain expectations when they hire you and it's your job as a marketer to figure out how to build trust before they ever end up in your inbox. Newsflash: When you become a small business owner that makes you an accountant, secretary, content creator, publicist, and you guessed it... marketer. What separates the artists who are killing it from the ones scratching their heads wondering why they can't seem to book enough brides to make all the effort worth it?  They've stopped fighting marketing and have leaned into understanding their client needs so that it takes less time and effort to take inquiries to booked and paid brides.

What are your Dream Brides concerned about? What do they need? How do they want to feel on their wedding day? To create a powerful USP, you need to identify these fears, needs, and wants and cater to them specifically in your communication and service. By understanding what the dream bride wants and needs, artists can adapt their sales approach and uncover aspects of their USP they hadn't thought of before.

Creating Content that Speaks to Brides' Needs

Once you understand what your dream bride is looking for, you can start crafting content that speaks to her desires. This content should not only resonate with her, but also differentiate you from your competitors. It’s all about hitting those emotional touch points by conveying how you're uniquely qualified to meet her needs. If you listen to my podcast, you’ll hear me reinforcing this over and over again - identify what the dream bride needs and then create content that addresses those issues head-on. Businesses that do this will not only connect better with their clients, but also highlight their own unique selling proposition. Use your content like a lighthouse to attract your dream brides to your unique shores!

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:01:22 - Understanding Unique Selling Proposition,
Sue explains that a unique selling proposition is what sets a business apart from its competition. It is not just about the style of hair or makeup, but rather the specific offerings and benefits that the business provides. Price is also not a unique selling proposition.
00:02:38 - Steps to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition,
Sue outlines a four-step process to determine your unique selling proposition. First, identify your business goals. Next, create a profile of your dream bride who aligns with those goals. Then, understand the needs and fears of your dream bride. Finally, identify what your dream bride wants from a hairstylist or makeup artist.
00:07:18 - Aligning Goals with Dream Clients,
Sue emphasizes the importance of aligning your business goals with the type of clients you want to work with. It's not just about demographics and style, but also about finding clients who support your goals and fit well with your energy. Boundaries and clear communication with clients are key.
00:09:21 - Addressing Client Needs and Wants,
Sue discusses the importance of understanding your dream bride's needs and wants. This includes addressing their fears and providing solutions, as well as understanding their preferred communication style and level of
00:16:15 - Developing Your USP,
Sue discusses the importance of developing a unique selling proposition (USP) to stand out from other artists. She emphasizes that the USP is not based on artistic style, but on the artist's personality, communication style, and energy.
00:17:38 - Uniqueness and Individuality,
Sue highlights the fact that every artist runs their business differently and that this uniqueness is what sets them apart. She encourages artists to explore how they are uniquely qualified to meet their dream client's needs and alleviate their fears.
00:19:48 - Embracing What Makes You Special,
Sue emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing what makes each artist special and unique. She believes that there is no true competition, only community and inspiration, and encourages artists to focus on communicating their unique qualities to attract their dream clients.
00:21:29 - The Power of Repetition,
Sue stresses the importance of repetition in marketing and content creation. She explains that people need to see a message multiple times before they fully retain it, and encourages artists to repeat their key messages and ideas in their content to ensure they reach their audience effectively.
00:26:05 - Creating Content that Speaks to Brides' Needs,
Sue advises artists to create content that addresses their dream brides' needs, fears, and wants. She also encourages artists to reflect on what they want to change or do differently in their business and communicate that in their marketing message.


What's Next?  Check out Unique AF- Phase 1 inside of Next Level Bridal Business or as a standalone mini course dedicated to helping you gain clarity on your Dream Bride so you can strategically target her online.  You learn how to build magnetic brand messaging to stand out from your competition and fill your books with brides that align with your long term business goals.