Unlocking Trust: Building Authenticity for Bridal Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

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Does this sound familiar? You've been told to "post more" to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook groups, but you're still struggling to see the time and energy translate into high quality bookings. The pain of putting in all that effort and not seeing the results can be disheartening. But there's a better way. By focusing on authentic connections and personal relationships, you can establish a solid foundation of trust that will set you apart from the competition and bring you closer to your clients.

In a saturated bridal beauty market, it's imperative for hairstylists and makeup artists to distinguish themselves from the sea of other bridal hairstylists and makeup artists online. Offering a unique personal touch, tailoring your services, and developing an easily recognizable brand can help to set you apart. Providing exceptional customer service, being professional, and genuinely caring for your clients are also key factors that could contribute to you being distinguished from competitors.

Discover the power of authenticity as this week we challenge the cult of perfection, embarking on a journey to build trust and connection with clients by embracing your true self and defying societal norms.

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Episode 61: How to Show Up On Social Media To Increase The Know, Like, Trust Factor


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the substantial impact of Know, Like, and Trust factor in the marketing world of bridal beauty services.
  • Identify methods to differentiate your brand from the competition by leveraging your unique business offerings.
  • Grasp how expert communication and professionalism contribute to forming lasting trust with clients.
  • Comprehend the vital role trials serve as a bridge to trust and fulfilling the clients' expectations.
  • Appreciate the value of being genuine and creating personal ties in establishing client trust.


An exceptional product or service alone doesn't guarantee success. 

Essential to building a successful business, particularly for bridal hairstylists and makeup artists, is effective communication and professionalism. Both these elements come together to create a reputation and trust among clients that can elevate the business and ensure returning customers.

Different brides have different expectations when it comes to how they prefer service providers to communicate. Some may want quick, straightforward information, while others appreciate the occasional check-ins. The key here is to understand the client's preferences and adapt accordingly, thereby ensuring a high level of professionalism that leads to a positive experience for brides.


Much like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two businesses are identical. What makes each unique is their strategy, approach, and understanding of their customers. This uniqueness can significantly contribute to attracting the right set of clientele. In the context of the wedding industry, it can mean matching a hairstylist's energy and style with that of the bride's.


Marketing that aligns the right brides to the right service providers, based on their mutual values and messages, is way more powerful than bland content geared towards all brides in general. The idea here is to resonate on a level where like-minded individuals engage in a business that suits both their expectations. When a deep level of trust is established, price becomes a secondary factor in decision-making.


The need for authenticity doesn't cease with initial client interactions. Keeping it as a continuous thread throughout the business dealings is extremely crucial. This implies maintaining standards about the kind of content to share with the client and creating a general impression that radiates professionalism and positivity.


I caution against sharing content that might seem unprofessional or derogatory i.e., content that might ruin the picture of professionalism you aim to project. Instead, maintain a professional tone of communication throughout interactions, ensuring that every engagement with the client consolidates, and doesn't undermine, the trust built.  While it may be trendy and funny to post about the things that brides or their bridal parties do that drives you crazy, it's not the most professional way to correct the behavior.  People do not want to feel they are being made fun of, and in the end it will hurt their trust in you.  Nobody wants to end up the butt of your next reel.


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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:03:27 - Know, Like, and Trust Factor,
Sue explains the concept of the Know, Like, and Trust factor in marketing. She emphasizes the importance of making potential clients aware of your business, building a likable brand persona, and establishing trustworthiness through effective communication and professionalism.
00:06:55 - Building Trust,
Sue discusses the importance of building trust with potential clients. She highlights the need for transparency, effective communication, and demonstrating reliability throughout the client journey. Sue also addresses the importance of trials in building trust and meeting client expectations.
00:10:51 - Trustworthiness in Marketing,
Sue addresses the misconception that trust should be automatically given to professionals. She emphasizes the need for hairstylists and makeup artists to actively communicate their trustworthiness through their online presence, testimonials, and examples of how they address client concerns and overcome challenges.
00:15:25 - Understanding Your Target Audience,
Before building trust, it's crucial to know your target audience - their needs, preferences, and energy. Different brides have different vibes and priorities, and it's essential to align your energy and communication style with what they want.
00:16:42 - Tailoring Communication to Your Dream Brides,
Some brides prefer a calm presence, while others want high energy and hype. Understanding the level of communication and handholding your dream brides require is key to providing a unique service.
00:18:13 - Attracting the Right Brides,
Good marketing filters out the wrong brides who don't resonate with your business. The right brides not only move through the booking process quickly but also prioritize trust and connection over price.
00:19:38 - Overcoming Price as a Barrier,
Building trust and a genuine connection with your target audience diminishes price as a deciding factor. When people like and trust you, they are willing to invest in your services regardless of cost.
00:23:34 - Authenticity and Communication Style,
Being authentic and straightforward in your communication may not appeal to everyone, but it helps attract the right clients who appreciate your honesty and directness. Aligning your communication style with your target audience is key.
00:30:14 - The Importance of Authenticity,
Authenticity is key in representing yourself online. People want to see the real you, including your imperfections and off days. Being authentic helps to draw in the right audience who can connect with you on a personal level.
00:31:31 - The Power of Showing Up,
The fastest way to build trust and likability is by consistently showing up and sharing your face on social media. By regularly posting and engaging with your audience, you can establish a strong connection and attract the right people to your business.
00:33:00 - Having Conversations with Your Audience,
Instead of just posting educational content, have conversations with your audience. Pretend you're speaking one-on-one with someone and provide valuable information in a relatable and personal way. This approach helps to build trust and engagement.
00:35:59 - Using Your Expertise to Connect,
Share your expertise and knowledge with your audience in a way that reflects your personality and how you would speak to someone in person. This approach not only showcases your skills but also helps to establish trust and credibility.
00:36:49 - Balancing Education and Professionalism,
While it's important to educate your audience, it's crucial to maintain a professional tone. Avoid publicly sharing negative experiences or venting about clients, as it can negatively impact your reputation and deter potential brides from working with you.
00:45:17 - The Importance of Authenticity,
Building a business and life that is authentic to you is crucial. Follow people who represent themselves authentically online and take inspiration from them. Don't compare yourself to others and be open to change and mistakes.
00:46:00 - Avoiding the Comparison Game,
Don't be swayed by big names and influencers who may be hiding the reality behind the scenes. There is no one perfect path to success, so don't feel bad about doing things differently. Recognize when you need to make changes and be open to them.
00:46:24 - Embracing Mistakes and Growth,
It's okay to make mistakes and realize when you're doing things wrong in your business. Embrace change and shifts in your approach, as they are essential for moving forward. Let go of ego and be willing to learn and evolve.
00:47:06 - Authenticity in Online Presence,
Show up online as your authentic self. The people who truly resonate with you will be the ones who want to work with you. Don't take it personally if some people don't choose you; there are plenty of other opportunities waiting for you.

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