Ep 61: How to show up on social media to increase the Know-Like-Trust Factor

Season #2

The Authenticity Advantage: How Personal Connection Drives Client Trust

Does this sound familiar? You've been told to "post more" to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook groups, but you're still struggling to see the time and energy translate into high quality bookings. The pain of putting in all that effort and not seeing the results can be disheartening. But there's a better way. By focusing on authentic connections and personal relationships, you can establish a solid foundation of trust that will set you apart from the competition and bring you closer to your clients.

In a saturated bridal beauty market, it's imperative for hairstylists and makeup artists to distinguish themselves from the sea of other bridal hairstylists and makeup artists online. Offering a unique personal touch, tailoring your services, and developing an easily recognizable brand can help to set you apart. Providing exceptional customer service, being professional, and genuinely caring for your clients are also key factors that could contribute to you being distinguished from competitors.

Discover the power of authenticity as this week we challenge the cult of perfection, embarking on a journey to build trust and connection with clients by embracing your true self and defying societal norms.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain insights into the critical role of the Know, Like, and Trust factor in bridal hairstyling and makeup artistry marketing.
  • Learn ways to distinguish yourself from competitors by identifying and harnessing your unique business perspective.
  • Discover how to establish a solid foundation of trust through proficient communication and high-level professionalism.
  • Evaluate the significant part that trials play in both forming trust and living up to client expectations.
  • Understand the power of personal connection and authenticity in building rapport and trust with your clients.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:03:27 - Know, Like, and Trust Factor,
00:06:55 - Building Trust,
00:10:51 - Trustworthiness in Marketing,
00:15:25 - Understanding Your Target Audience,
00:16:42 - Tailoring Communication to Your Dream Brides,
00:18:13 - Attracting the Right Brides,
00:19:38 - Overcoming Price as a Barrier,
00:23:34 - Communication Style,
00:30:14 - The Importance of Authenticity,
00:31:31 - The Power of Showing Up,
00:35:59 - Using Your Expertise to Connect,
00:36:49 - Balancing Education and Professionalism,
00:46:00 - Avoiding the Comparison Game,
00:46:24 - Embracing Mistakes and Growth

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