About Sue


After 15+ years working in the beauty industry and growing multiple six-figure businesses, I know a thing or two about what it takes to create a career that fulfills more than just your monetary needs.

If you're looking for a coach who will guide you to more than just higher income and focuses on maintaining your mental health at the same time, let's chat.


It all started with a love of makeup and way too many hours at the mall when I was a teenager.  I had no idea how much this obsession would influence the story of my life, but I'm more grateful than I can say for the paths it's opened for me and the people I've met along the way.  Being a makeup artist and hairstylist has always been more about the relationships I've built than the accolades or paycheck, and I focus heavily on leveraging relationships to grow your business when I work with my students. I can say without a doubt it's what has propelled my success faster than anything else when gaining clients- whether it was brides, in my salon, or new coaching students.

In 2020, when the world shut down it was a changing point for my career.  While everyone was home spending the time working on growing their skills as a hairstylist working with doll heads, I recognized that there was a distinct lack of education available to bridal hairstylists and makeup artists that focused on how to build a better, more sustainable wedding business. There was little out there that taught the valuable skills of branding, marketing, communication, and networking that are the foundation of any business that wants to continue to grow and profit year after year without burning the candle at both ends. Instead of focusing on teaching my clients how to simply book more weddings, build a team to bring in higher gross revenues, or just "charge their worth" my no fluff trainings rely on creating a well rounded business model that adapts easily to the individual artist so they can work less while making more and leading a balanced fulfilled life at home.

Random Fact #1

I started my career as a makeup artists working behind the counter at the local department store when my oldest son was just six weeks old. Two years later when we finally settled in Northern VA, I quit the makeup counter life and dove full time into being a bridal makeup artist while pregnant with our second son. The no-opportunity-for-failure setting forced me to get innovative, scrappy, and determined to grow quickly that I've carried throughout my career since.

Random Fact #2

I went to cosmetology school to learn the hair side of the industry at 31 years old.  After spending years needing to do light hairstyling for photoshoots, I wanted to grow my skillset even further as well as open up new opportunities (licensure wise) for in home salon services while my kids were in school.  For the first few weeks, nobody believed I was in my 30s! 

Random Fact #3

I used to run a bridal team of hair and makeup artists covering the DC/MD/VA area but after a year learned that it's not the way I thrive running my business. I work better when only focusing on booking clients for myself and didn't need a full staff to feel fulfilled or hit my income goals. I'm a firm believer that there is no one perfect path for "success" and work closely with myself students to help them define what that path looks like for them.

Let's get started building your path.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating your own business.  What lights you up inside, what makes your stomach turn with anxiety, what makes you love or hate this industry... it different than the hairstylist or makeup artist down the street. And you deserve a coach that knows how to help you discover where to focus your energy so that you are less stressed, more organized, and can reach your goals faster by cutting out the bullshit. Click below to take a look at the different Coaching Packages offered so we can get started building your unique path to success today.

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